Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Finished....

Prophecy of Sisters by Michelle Zink. This was a really good read. It has suspense, mystery, and a touch of romance. As you can tell by the title, the plot circles around an ancient prophecy involving twins and the world of the living and the dead. Lia, the main character, is a twin who must make some tough choices involving her twin sister Alice. I won't give away the storyline, I'll just say that it piqued my curiousity, and kept me interested. The book is set in 1890 New York, a time period and city I am fond of reading about. The author didn't tidy up the ending, so I am hoping for a sequel?!


Michelle Zink said...

Hi, Tracy! Thanks for your lovely review or Prophecy! It is, indeed, the first of three books, and the second book, Guardian of the Gate, will be out next summer.

I hope you enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed Prophecy!

Melissa (My World) said...

Sounds like an interesting page turner. I am a little curious of these books as well. I may wait till the next books come out.

thetruebookaddict said...

I STILL haven't read this! It sounds so good.

Cool Trace...the author commented on your!

thetruebookaddict said...

Also, it's been a while since we talked. Missing you sis! You can join us for the chat tomorrow night...we're discussing Christmas movies!

Eggnog anyone?!

Love you =o)

Tracy Letts said...

Michelle Zink:
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog! I will be waiting for the sequel to this book and will recommend it to all of my friends

I was very excited to hear that there will be a sequel to this! I will be waiting patiently for it to come out.

This book was a fast read,I enjoyed it a lot. Also, how cool that the author commented?! I didn't think any one would be interested in my little blog!